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Marc Luyckx Ghisi

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Municipality of Itri, Saturday October 7 2023

Towards a New Civilization

ERA Convention, “Sustainability as an Opportunity”, Rome, 03-04 June 2015

The Soul of Europe

Economic and Social Committee, April 23, 2015

Sustainable Post Capitalism

European Parliament April 9, 2014

Crucial Importance of Women Leadership in the Knowledge Society

JUMP, May 2011


Digital Transformation of EU and World Economy

Education in 2020 ? 

CFORP, Ottawa, July 2011

Critique of the Knowledge Economy Concept 

UNESCO, March 1, 2010


This Post Capitalist Economy is Possibly Sustainable

Tedx Brussels, 2010

The Citizens and the Transition

BNP Parisbas, on 22 May 2009

Towards a New Civilization 

GDF, June 5

"Y" Generation ... Ahead in the Change?

New Trends in Management Education in Eastern Europe

Dean Cotrugli Business Academy, Zagreb, Croatia

HR and New Management 2016

Symptoms of a New Level of Consciousness

AVI, Osnabruek May 1, 2008

By others:

The Art of Being and Loving: Educating for the World of Tomorrow

Dr Irena Ateljevic,

Environmental Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, 2009

Auroville's main message for the 21° century

Conference for AVI Germany in Leipzig June 2017

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