Marc Luyckx Ghisi

Knowledge Society

Towards a Transmodern Transformation of our Global Society:

European Challenges and Opportunities

Article .39, Journal of Futures Studies, September 2010.

Knowledge economics

Article in “Banking and Finance”, 2007.


Impressions of Auroville: the pioneers of consciousness

Between February 20th and February 28th 2005, I had the pleasure to be invited to Auroville as Member of the "Auroville International Advisory Council".

Is there an elevation of the world’s consciousness?

UNESCO: Presentation of AUROVILLE, Paris, april 11, 2003.


Governance and Religions

World Affairs, the Journal of International Issues, Harlan Cleveland & Marc Luyckx, January-March 1999.

Religions Confronted with Science and Technology

An exploratory report by Marc Luyckx, Brussels, European Commission August 1992

By other authors

The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul 

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, 2013

The Knowledge Economy: How Knowledge is Reshaping the Economic Life of Nations

The work foundation, Ian Brinkley, March 2008

Europe in the creative age

Richard Florida and Irene Tinagli, February 2004

Report on the Brussels Seminar on Governance and Civilisations 

CPD Working paper, May 14-16 1998