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Marc Luyckx Ghisi

Post Covid Governance: 2 scenarios

Commentary, January 2022.

Knowledge Society

Ethics and artificial intelligence 

COSMOPOLIS, August 2019.

Towards a Transmodern Transformation of our Global Society:

European Challenges and Opportunities

Article .39, Journal of Futures Studies, September 2010.

Global Mind Change: Homage to Willis Harman

World Business Academy, Volume 18, issue 1, 3 March 2004

The Transmodern Hypothesis: Toward a Dialogue of Cultures

Futures, 1999 


Impressions of Auroville: the pioneers of consciousness

Between February 20th and February 28th 2005, I had the pleasure to be invited to Auroville as Member of the "Auroville International Advisory Council".

Is there an elevation of the world’s consciousness?

UNESCO: Presentation of AUROVILLE, Paris, april 11, 2003.


Governance and Religions

World Affairs, the Journal of International Issues, Harlan Cleveland & Marc Luyckx, January-March 1999.

Religions Confronted with Science and Technology

An exploratory report by Marc Luyckx, Brussels, European Commission August 1992

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