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Marc Luyckx Ghisi

A spiritual path beyond religion

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the new sustainable civilisation is work

“A superb synthesis of today’s burning issues of globalization, the transition to post-industrial futures, the growth of post-carbon, “green” economies worldwide, changing paradigms in science, economics and management---all enfolded in a deep cultural analysis of changing ethical, religious and spiritual values.


As an independent scholar/activist and financial practitioner participating in and observing these whole-system changes as humanity shifts toward planetary citizenship, I find no other author who embraces these historic transformation processes as deeply as Marc Luyckx Ghisi.


The Knowledge Society explains and make senses of today’s widespread confusion among “leaders”, mass media and traditional academia. Marc’s deeply personal style illuminates his heroic synthesis. He shows how our endangered human family can re-design our various civilizations toward more peaceful, just and sustainable futures for all life on Earth.” Hazel HENDERSON, author, Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy and Building a Win-Win World. St. Augustine, Florida.

How will information and communication technologies shape our future? What will the world be like in 10, 20 or even 30 years' time as a result of further advances in technologies such as the Internet? Will the application of these technologies in every aspect of human activity - in the home, at work, in public spaces, in hospitals, etc. - be a blessing or a curse? This book attempts to provide some answers to such questions, but without resorting to unrealistic and exaggerated expectations.


Based on the considered views of several European experts, European Visions for the Knowledge Age provides a multidisciplinary glimpse into some radical, and sometimes controversial, European perspectives on the future of the information society. The contributors to this edited book address what could be what should be, and sometimes warn about what should not be the future. All the contributions have been written with a wide audience in mind and both the technically and the non-technically oriented will find elements in the chapters that will challenge their worldviews and their taken-for-granted assumptions.


The contents of the book are organised into five self-contained parts: European Manufacturing 2035; Novel Perspectives for Networked Intelligence; The Future of Body and Mind; New Directions for Power and Participation; and The Distant Horizon. Each section brings together a number of essays under a broad theme relevant to the future.


Chapter by Marc Luyckx Ghisi: « A win-Win strategy for the European Union in the Knowledge Society » in Paul Kidd, Ed., Cheshire Henbury, Macclesfield, UK, 2007

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